Sunday, 25 January 2015

Relationships - A Poem

Relationships are like Silk Threads,
That should be woven carefully ,
Until it  comes in a proper shape.------(1)

Relationships are like a glass jars,
If you put pressure on it ,
It would break into million  of pieces ,
And that would hurt us invariable. ---------(2)

Relationships are fragile ,
Don't hurt or abuse it ,
But enjoy  it.-------------(3)

Relationships are like birds in the sky,
Meant to fly,
Some may fly  high and some may fly low ,
But they aren't  meant to be  treated low ,
Or to be left behind.-------------(4)

Relationships are like lovers,
To be loved and cared ,
To be nurtured and preserved -------(5)

Relationship are like husband and wife ,
They fight and  cuddle,
Only to make it  strong .
So as to make it worthy of living -------------------(6)

Relationships are like a banyan tree,
Which gives us Shade ,
In our Happiness and Sadness--------(7).

Relationship are like  sand castles,
It is very difficult to protect from the waves of life ,
But  we can be rebuild it.
With lots of love and patience. ---------------(8)

Relationships are like flowers ,
That Spread fragrance everywhere,
And  they are not  meant  to  be crushed cruelly,
As It  gives us the true meaning of life to live .---------(9)

With Lots of Love and Hugs
Writer Gal


  1. Relationships. Why are the people we love also the people who can hurt us the most? We need relationships to survive and thrive but they can also cause so much pain. Alana

    1. Bookworm People who we love hurt us only because such people are immature and don't have the ability to think about others feeling by using the heart so they tent to hurt us .We have to keep a big heart and forgive them but I know It is not that easy but we can try it :-) so in order to survive in this insane world of selfish people who do not consider relationships as a pure entity we should keep a relationship with higher self that will make us feel good .I hope my answer suffices your question.Thanks for stopping by Alana .Have a great Sunday

  2. THis is an interesting poem. I was a bit distracted by the memes though. It could be just my brain damage but I would have enjoyed less pics. I enjoyed the words.

    1. Thank you Snarky Momma I will keep that in mind when I write another poem .Thanks for appreciating and for dropping in a comment .It is a pleasure to have you here.
      Have a great Sunday.
      Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!



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