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Why Do Good People Suffer A thought by Bubbly Buddy

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Before I go into the writing this post  for Y'all. I want tell you all that "PLEASE TAKE GO CARE OF YOUR SELVES AND OTHERS "Otherwise you may be left behind in the race . But don't worry my dear friends Life moves for all for us weather we have Good or Bad Health .

Today do you know How this topic cropped up in mind because I saw my very close friend bubbly girl Radha escaping death .All of this happened immediately after celebrating the New year in very quiet ,spiritual way  which she always prefer to have it that way ..Then  out of blue  she started telling me that my family that my family  doctor has given clean chit in regard with current health scenario .'I am perfectly fine ,No health hazards  but I had keep a Tab upon   my diet 'she said to me looking at the sky .I also smiled at her words as we were  both were enjoying New Year very nicely in a lovely way .

I was very much happy  that "No More Hospital  Going " for my bubbly girl Radha .Alas!!! My happiness was short lived as I got to know   through some of  our common friends that our  bubbly girl Radha was hospitalized two day after New Year for some Health related problem which she hasn't told me yet .As I went to see her at her place .I was in tears as my good old dear friend my bubbly girl Radha was in the condition where her frame had become small and she  looked Vulnerable as if  all  her  hopes  were gone  .Her eyes were tired ,lips went dry ,smile hovering on her lips vanished with time .It felt as if she wanted live but  she felt like life was Merciless towards her .

So to rekindle her spirits and hopes.I decided to narrates few incidents that happen to close people in my life but she wasn't in any mood so I decided   to keep  my mouth shut .......................After a while her mother came in from no where and started accusing me .I was totally taken aback by strange behavior of her mother but then ......I ignored her completely and started caressing my bubbly girl hair to  make her feel good.Everyday I used to go to my bubbly girl house and sit next to her , caresses her and talk to her to make  her feel better .Days ,Months passed by .... like this .Until one fine ,sunny morning I saw my bubbly girl back to normalcy .Iwas over joyed to see her back to normalcy with all her spirits ups .I thank Lord Profusely for bringing  back my best friend to life from that condition .

That day When I went for walk in park ,I wandered with the question Why Do  Good People  Suffer to this my other friend who happen to college mate said this is because

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  • Bad Karma
  • To unite people as people have no time for each other
  • To know true meaning of life and lastly but not the least
  • To know how to appreciate human birth and life 

His views  for  my question"WHY DO GOOD PEOPLE SUFFER" shook my base as I contemplated on these four points.

I felt like what sort for life I am leading and I profusely thanked  my college mate to open my eyes  which were closed by the worldly dust .

Then I shared this incident with my  Bubbly girl Radha she heard it out and said "Its Worth Contemplating  "
So I am  requesting you all to maintain good relationship with your families and friends as life is too short to live 

I Hope you enjoy reading my "WHY DO GOOD PEOPLE SUFFER " Post 

With lots of Love and Hugs

Bubbly Buddy
Why Do Good People Suffer

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