Saturday, 3 January 2015

Love For Writting

Hi Y'all
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I know you all must have enjoyed New year very well .Welcome back y'all.

Happy weekend to all .So what is your weekend plane? Hmm....

Chalo I won't pester you all with some other questions of this kinds  and straight away come to  the topic .

How many of us love writing and reading books ,Hardly a  few isn't it ? Because there are whole lot of people don't have time read books  and are scared to pen down their thoughts as they have internal fear  that some one will read their thoughts and tease them or criticize them about their writings .But then they are Jealous of your witting and reading skills which  they (whole lot of people) don't understand.

Reading and Writing is an  art that anybody can do  anywhere at any point of time .There is no age bar for it   . As it only requires' LOVE'   and  'PASSION' to follow it .There is lots of struggle involved in  it .Only our patience will be tested but 'Bas' we shouldn't leave hope .It is a very tedious job.But if we all faith and the passion to do things which we like to do then  only we  be able to achieve anything  .Without determination We can't achieve any heights .So to become writer or author  we should follow certain rules .

  • Rule no 1: Be Calm and Happy
You   should be very calm and composed then only he/she  can find  a inspiration or muse .With an agitated mind we can't find any inspiration to start writing a story 
  • Rule no 2: Follow What all writers and the authors do 
You  should follow the writers who have made a mark in this industry via their blogs,website ,Facebook and through  other sources.We should read their write ups to get ideas and try to furnish their ideas in your own way .NO copying please then there is no 'Maaza' in writing stories .

  • Rule no 3: Be honest
You  should be honest while writing .Don't  change your style of writing IE if you are comfortable in writing about Dark Fantasy, thrillers  then you should do it .You can write in any language   but first pen down your  thoughts  that come to your mind .Then later on frame those thoughts and then only proper construction of  a story will take place.......

  • Rule no 4:Participate in Various short stories contest
You should participate in Various short stories contest online  as well as offline so that you get to know what to write? or How to write?and What others think about your writes up?

  • Rule no 5 : Don't Lose Hope
You shouldn't lose hope ,there might be times when you  wouldn't get proper moral support from you friends and family .As they may not be knowing after effects of it
  • Rule no 6 :Don't Worry about fruits of  your actions
You shouldn't Worry  about  the results of your work .After you have finished or submit your work  .You  shouldn't worry about it .Now you  should leave the rest to Lord .As you  have gone your duty to the best of your ability

Apart from the rules or tips or Guidelines given above .It is only your Love or the Passion for writing matters the most .So Keep on Writing ,Writing and Writing  and rekindle your friendship with the  books as they are your best friends forever .

I hope you enjoying reading this post  on  Love for Writing

With Lots of Love and Hugs


Writer Gal

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