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Book Review of The Indian Tycoon Marriage Deal by Aditie Banerjie

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I hope  you all are enjoying this festival by flying kites and by having  lots of Til Ladoos .Which you or your family have  made today  .I am also in festive mood and enjoying the sweets which my friend's have made  by partaking it .It is so yummy to have these Til Ladoos  that which are made out of some much love . It's an Amazing Experience .

Even Though there are a lot of  people around me  who haunt me regarding the Cronical illness. Right now I don't care  of them. But it's good to be careful while having these items. As it contains lots of Carbs ,Fats ,Sugars  and etc....other things .Ok now let's get back to the serious business of writing Book Reviews . It has been long time since that I have written any Book Review .

Now Shall we start Reviewing the book from top to bottom .



 The story is about Krish Dev and Maya Shome  .Krish needs to find bride quickly in order to avoid a marriage arranged by his father .Now Krish finds his freedom when he sees Maya Shome while he dancing away the whole night in the pub but suddenly he realizes that is she the one with whom he wants marry .
On the Contrary Maya has one thing in her mind is to take revenge on the Dev's but when Krish the host of high profile asks her to dance with her what she is meant to  be innocent tango lead to an engagement with the enemy 's son
Arranging their own marriage for the own needs could work if they are able   resist the sparkles that were building in between them .Could they refrain from mixing business with  pleasure  



The story revolves around Krish Dev and Maya Shome. Where  each of them want  different things in life i.e. freedom and revenge
The Characters in this book  are strong headed and stubborn at the same time like children  .They  entangle themselves by marrying  without a second thought of  hurting each other .
The plot is simple and the pace of story is fast
Adite has carefully weaved the characters in such a way that makes  you relate to particular  character .Ah about emotions part Adite has really done a splendid job she has very well described the emotions like Revenge and Freedom very well especially Maya's agony of losing her father at Kamalkant Dev's hand at very young age when he wasn't willing sign the paper .

Thank you Adite for writing such a wonderful book and to entertain us with such beautiful stories

My Analysis

The book is  highly recommended read to all who believe in love that happens  in adverse situations and for all romance readers.

         About the Author:


Adite Bangerjie is Writer and WAS a business journalist for more than fifteen year .She lives in Noida  with her writer husband and her mother .
She found time  FOR  her passion and so she entered Mills and Boons India contest in 2012
and emerged as a winner of the Passion Contest and from there No looking back for her .
She can be staked at:
Her books are available  at discounted rates in the following websites
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