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The Fruits of Actions- A short story

                   The Fruit of Actions

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Maharani Mira looked up at the tree and saw the brightly shining apple. It was at an impossible height. None came when she called out for help, before she tried to reach out to the apple herself. Only the tree grew taller and the apple got out of reach. She tried harder, jumping first and then throwing stones at the apple. But the apple was constantly out of her reach. So much the tree had grown that it frightened the hell out of her. Mira was so tired on her way back to her Mahal that she lost her way.

Walking on unfamiliar roads, she came across a hut. She knocked on the door asking, “Is anyone there?” No reply came forth. As she walked away in disappointment, she heard the door open suddenly.

Startled, she walked back only to find that there was no hut where it had been before. It had disappeared into thin air. Scared out of her wits, Mira fainted on the spot. She woke up the next afternoon to find herself under the same apple tree.

Mira sat there wondering about the recent events in her life – the apple tree that kept growing magically; her losing her way in the woods and the hut that had been visible for a time but became invisible soon after. She couldn’t understand anything.

That’s when she heard the Akashvani: “Dear Mira, you are such an innocent Maharani. You haven’t understood what nature wants to make you aware of.”

“What does nature want to tell me?” enquired Mira.

'Then listen.............” the Akashvani said. "You were playing with the Maharaja when you suddenly fell down and died instantaneously. The Maharaja prayed to the Gods to give back your life. But when you were granted life, you left for hunting immediately despite the Maharaja’s advice. The magical tree represents you and the magical apple represents the fruit of your actions. You left home without heeding your husband’s advice and lost your way as a result. For the same reasons, you are unable to find your Mahal; it’s invisible to you same as the hut that became invisible.”

Folding her hands in anguish, Maharani Mira asked, “Is there a solution to this? How can I get back to my Mahal and the Maharaja?”

"Yes, by your patience, tolerance and honesty," said the Akashvani.

"Oh I see! Isn't there an easier way?" She enquired.

Laughing aloud, the Akashvani disappeared.

Mira found herself back in her Mahal, only it appeared different. No one seemed to recognize her. They all treated her like a stranger. The Maharaja’s behavior was also strange. She waited patiently, with tolerance and honesty for a long time till the day she decided to leave the Mahal again. A heavenly apple fell on her lap as a reward for her actions. Having the divine fruit, she gave birth to twins and was finally accepted by the Maharaja and his kingdom as the Maharani…….


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    1. Thank You Sundari :-) I will ever Indebted for timely help ;-)

  2. A beautifully weaved story with a lesson. Super creative:)

  3. Thank you Vishal. I am feeling like I am sitting on the 9th cloud .Its because of god's grace .I have a flare for writing and appreciate art .Its honor for me that people like you appreciate my work .I hope my other work entertain you . Wish me luck :-)

  4. Beautiful story. A Maharani who had lost her way.. and the ending had a touch of Ramayana... yet woven in a different way. Keep on writing. :)

  5. Thank you Ina Tales for dropping in by ........ I hope you enjoyed the story .People like you are my inspiration and strength :-)




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