Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Jeevdaani-An Adventurous Trip

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Today to appease my parents who thought I am married to my laptop which is not true anyway (ha ha)  .I went out with them To a place called “Jeevdaani” in Virar in Thane in Maharashtra .Which is a one and hour drive from the Borivali to that place in Virar Though Not a very well developed area .It is a  peaceful and slow place.People here are more relaxed than us here in busy areas of the western suburbs .
JeevDaani Temple

I was so astonished to see them and area as I haven’t travelled that far .But once we left for that place I was apprehensive regarding the visit as the temple which  was located on the top of some hill and there were 1000 steps to climb to reach the Jeevdaani temple .Though several attempts to persuade my mum  to drop this idea of visit went in vain as she was determined to go .Do you all know all Mum’s are Ziddi in  their own ways .They will do as they wish and if we don’t Tag along with A Pahad would fall on us as they would start giving us sermons.
So to avoid this I went with them .While traveling with them I was bored. As I was sole youth among those old people who were travelling with me .I had  no internet network so I couldn’t check Whats app or  Facebook .But then my fear was eating me up as to how to climb 1000 steps while they all were busy chatting animatedly .I mentally had decided I wouldn’t go further if there were no other means to reach the temple which was located at the top of a mountain .
But To my surprise I saw a vintage car which I had observed  in  couple of English movies .This was my Mum’s surprise  to me . When I  saw Vintage car I was  so happy and relieved at same time .Now  we went to temple by vintage car. To-and Fro…..
It was enjoyed by me and my family  and their friends thoroughly.It was a joy ride  for me as I felt like I was visiting  a foreign  country for first time .After reaching the top where temple was located. I got Pretty Good View of Mumbai .It was amazing to see .The Goddess Jeevadani was also looking beautiful in her green sari  with a lot of ornaments  and garlands worn by her .Her face look ed Pleasantly Peaceful and secretly serene .The place was equally divinising .I felt peace settled in me .As Devi here is Swam bu meaning she has come on her own
Its because of this reason people in large numbers are coming here to see her as she is most powerful Devi .
JeevDaani Maa
PS note :This blog post may not contain the required amount of adventures in your terms but it was one .Adventures trip  in regard with other happening around us
With lots of Hugs and Love
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