Thursday, 22 January 2015

Sharing :Fabulous story written by Sid Balchandran

Hi Y'all
I have strong feeling  that you guys are already  out  to enjoy the WEEEEEEEEEEEKEEEEEEEENNNNND
Happy  Weekend to all in advance

Today While I am writing/penning this post I am feel so happy because I am sharing with you all a brilliant heart warming story written by my Facebook pal Sid Balachandran

                      Little Intro about my Facebook Pal 

Sid Balachandran is a blogger,an engineer  cum Work from Home Dad .He writes short stories, Daddy journey and other stuff on his blog He has  written a short story in  Voices of Old & New an anthology of short stories  released by and  has participated in many short stories and won my short stories .He won a 2prize in TataLit Live Fash Fiction Contest  For his story which you will get to read there .

 Today why I am writing this post because I liked the Escape-part one  a short story on his blog .This story is really heart warming , soul rendering , awesome write up that will make you fall in love with his stories and characters .
He is master of words and an amazing  piped piper who can attract many people towards him with  his work and stories

Here is link to his  Short Story :

I hope you enjoy reading this post and make the most of your weekend

Happy Reading !!!!!!!!!!!

With lots of Love and Hugs


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