Friday, 23 January 2015

#Snap Your Week 4 hosted by Inderpreet Kaul Uppal of Eloquent Articulation

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#Snap Your Week # is hosted by Eloquent Articulation blog .I would like to Thank Inderpreet Uppal for taking such an Initiative that helps us grow in make ways 

                                #Snap Your Week 4  #

The Cover Picture of Kavita Kane 's  book took away by breath .As cover photo looks awesome especially the eyes of the women were heart breaking as if  she were  lost  and the happiness on her lips had vanished and her skin had dried up and darken like her future .I have placed the  order only  because the cover photo was very attractive to look  Hats off to the photographer/artist who have done a commendable job

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Happy Viewing 
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  1. Thanks for adding your post to the link, the cover is indeed striking. Hope it is a good read.

    1. Most welcome Inderpreet .Only after seeing the cover in the the book club reviews forum /group. I was compled to order the book as the cover evoked strong feeling in me for the women in the pic. It should be a good read as this my first Kavita Kane's book :-)

  2. This book intrigues me a lot. Will have to look it up. Beautiful cover. Have you read this book Ashwini?

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    2. Me to :-) but I haven't started reading it as I am little too busy with other things happening around Me . As I intent to start reading the book by the upcoming week :-)

      Have a nice Sunday


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